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Junichi Masuda Shows Off Massive Diorama of Pokemon Sword and Shield's Wild Area

Game Freak's producer and director Junichi Masusa recently revealed a huge-ass diorama of Pokemon Sword and Shield's wild area on Twitter.

Keep your kids on a leash, parents

The scale of it is so huge that it surrounds him entirely. The attention to detail is also pretty amazing - my only gripe is that it lacks laser beams shooting out of the raid dens.

Waiting for a 5-star Ditto raid

The tweet also linked to what seems to be an interactive virtual re-production of the diorama, where you can click around to explore and 'capture' Pokemon in the Wild Area.

A flock of Pokemon SWSH's unofficial mascot

For those who are lucky enough to be in Japan, Masuda has teased that the diorama will be displayed IRL at a Pokemon TCG tournament taking place on 14th-15th December. #pokemon #pokemonswsh


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