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It's Your Time to Shine! Berjaya Dragons Hiring Players and Coach

Just a few days ago, local conglomerate Berjaya Corporation (BCorp) announced the formation of its League of Legends team - the Berjaya Dragons. The news caused quite a stir, as big companies investing in our local esports scene usually bodes well for the future.

Now, Berjaya Dragons has followed up its initial announcement with another exciting piece of news - the team is recruiting! They are looking for someone experienced to fill the role of an assistant coach / analyst, as well as eager players looking to play professionally under their roster.

They want you!

Here are the requirements:

Assistant coach / Analyst

  • Better understanding of League of Legends strategy

  • Challenger on SEA server OR Diamond 3 and above on KR server

  • A degree holder

  • Candidates with LoL coach experience is a plus

Trainee / Players

  • Must be a Malaysian citizen

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Challenger on SEA server OR Diamond 4 and above on KR server

We find it interesting how Berjaya Dragons has already been confirmed as a participant in the LoL Pacific Championship Series (PCS) without having an official player roster yet.

Anyhow, PCS begins on February 8th, so y'all better get those applications in quick! Simply message the Berjaya Dragons Facebook page or send your CV to GLHF! #leagueoflegends #berjayadragons #pacificchampionshipseries


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