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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max AOD will automatically switches off when users leave the room

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will disable always-on display when you leave the room while wearing Apple Watch

If an Apple Watch user leaves their iPhone 14 Pro in a room, the Always-On Display feature will appears to be disabled as well. This automation most likely makes use of proximity data from the Apple Watch and is intended to extend the iPhone's battery life.

According to German YouTuber Felixba, who was present at the Apple's "Far out" event last week and had hands-on with the new products. He stated that if a Apple Watch users that paired with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, when the user left the room where their iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max is, it will disable the always-on display feature until the owner have got back to it. Although Apple did not reveals about this special features at the "Far Out" event and on the Apple website.


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