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Intel Unveils "Budget" i9 CPU, Knocks ~RM149 Off the Price Tag

Not much cheaper than the i9-10900K, but hey, savings are savings.

Rumours of Intel working on a budget version of the i9-10900K CPU were true, as Intel officially unveils that the Core i9-10850K CPU is already in the works, and is roughly $35 (~RM149) cheaper than the 10900K.

Consumers will lose out a little in terms of clocking and overclocking speeds (both versions can be overclocked), as well as the 10850K not having a Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) feature. Other features, such as having 10 cores/20 threads, 20MB of L3 cache and 256LB of I2 cache per core, and 125W Thermal Design Power (TDP) is going to be the same.

Benchmark testing on the 10850K has shown close results to that of the 10900K (albeit with disabled iGPU) - single clock score of 6244 and multi-core score of 37794. At the moment, no release date has been announced by Intel, but the price point of $453 (~RM1,925) for the trade-off seems worth it.


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