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Instagram is testing out the new monetization tool for Creator

Instagram "Gift" feature allows users to tip or donate their favourite creator

We have all experienced situations where we wanted to give our favourite creators something more than a view or like, and some platforms have enabled it for you to do so via the tip or donation system. While there were some early reports that Instagram was also working on a similar function, it seems like Meta has now officially confirmed that they are working on it.

According to Meta spokesperson, Meta is testing a feature known as "Gifts". Although this feature were only being tested internally and not released to public. This feature was first spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi back in July. He found a toggle under the menu called "Content Appreciation" on Instagram. At the time, the function was referred to as a tool for followers to express their appreciation to a creator and a month later, this feature had been further developed and named "Gifts".

At this point in time, there aren’t many details about the "Gifts" feature. But looking at Instagram's biggest rival TikTok, having a feature that act the same as other platforms allowing followers to tip their favourite creator by sending them Classic and Premium gifts along with the cherishing messages could help to support the creators on Instagram platform that you enjoy and appreciate.


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