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Huawei Video Is Offering Merdeka Promotions, Including Free “Pusaka” Viewing

Huawei Video is teaming up with Astro to celebrate Merdeka with a Merdeka Bundle video package.

The Merdeka Bundle includes several bundles, including the Wira Bundle, Horror Bundle, and Family Bundle. The press release says that viewers can “marathon-view any eight movies under the ‘Merdeka Bundle’ package selections” for RM20. The promotion will last from 29 August until 16 September. Viewers can also purchase a non-Merdeka Bundle Astro movie at 20% off.

Buying any of the Merdeka Bundle packages will give viewers the chance to get prizes, including a Huawei P40 Pro.

In addition, Huawei Video is letting people view the 2019 horror film Pusaka for free during that same period. IMDb describes the movie as:

“Skilled cop Inspector Nuar discovers twins, Balqis and Qistina, mysteriously locked up in an abandoned house. He suddenly starts suffering a series of unexplained hauntings, and individuals linked to the case begin dying one by one. Nuar must now race against time to solve the dark mystery behind the two girls before it's too late.”

Other local movies on Huawei Video include Misteri Dilaila, Sangkar, and more, which can be rented for prices ranging from RM3 to RM9.90.


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