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HUAWEI Unveils New Developer Technology Upgrades

During the HUAWEI Developer Day 2021, HUAWEI has unveiled the HMS (HUAWEI Mobile Services) Ecosystem update with new capabilities in the HUAWEI Core 6.0 supported by HarmonyOS2 and the launch of the HUAWEI Certified Developer Program.

During the event, the Department of Statistics Malaysia reported that 98.6% of Malaysians have access and are active mobile phone users. "Malaysians are more connected than ever before and as a brand that has continuously pushed our boundaries, HUAWEI has stepped up to play a role in empowering developers, providing them with the necessary capabilities in building the nation’s smart ecosystem," said Johnson Ma, Vice President of the Asia Pacific Area of HUAWEI Consumer Business Group.

To further develop its ecosystem, the company has partnered up with CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU).

HUAWEI has announced its brand new HMS Core 6.0 with capabilities in 7 domains, including App Services, Graphics, AI, Media, System, Security and Smart Device. The new upgrade of the HMS Core 6.0 are the 3D Modelling Kit which performs high precision object modelling, AV Pipeline Kit which simplifies audio and video development, Audio Editor Kit which enhances audio processing capabilities, Video Editor Kit which speeds up video editing process, and the 5G Modem Kit which supports 5G communications.

Besides that, the company also introduced its latest HarmonyOS2 which will provide users improved personalisation, refined displays, seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and more. As the third-largest global app marketplace, HUAWEI claims that it will continuously grow its own mobile services on the HUAWEI AppGallery such as Petal Search, HUAWEI Browser, HUAWEI Petal Maps, and HUAWEI Assistant.

Lastly, HUAWEI has launched the HUAWEI Certified Developer Program where developers can collaborate and tap into its "1+8+N" ecosystem. As part of the program, the company will be rewarding winning developers based on several factors, including the number of app downloads, app ratings via the HUAWEI AppGallery, and more. Winners will be awarded an HMS Promotion Fund of up to RM400k, HUAWEI Cloud Coupons worth up to RM400k, and cash prizes up to RM40k per winner as they reach specific program milestones.

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