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Huawei To Replace Android With HarmonyOS In 2021

Huawei has announced that they will roll out their Harmony operating system in 2021, thus replacing Google’s Android OS.

As reported by XDA Developers, Huawei Consumer Business Group head Richard Yu made the announcement during the company’s developer conference. “Starting on 10 September, HarmonyOS is open to 128KB-128MB IoT devices, such as smart TVs, wearables, cars, and more,” Yu said. “In April 2021, we will open it to 128MB-4GB devices and in October 2021, HarmonyOS will be opened for devices above 4GB.”

Harmony was first announced in 2019. Covered at the 2020 developer conference was the second version of the OS, reported The Verge. The Verge wrote that Huawei had also launched its OpenHarmony project, which provides an open-source version of HarmonyOS to developers, and that it had provided a beta version of the HarmonyOS 2.0 SDK to developers. The SDK only supports smartwatches, TVs, and car head units at the moment. The smartphone version will arrive in December.


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