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HUAWEI Teases Vision S’s Arrival Again, Says its Coming “Very, Very Soon”

After announcing last month that the HUAWEI Vision S smart screen will soon arrive in Malaysia, HUAWEI has now announced that it will be coming... “very, very soon”. In other words, HUAWEI’s still being coy about the exact release date for the device, but from the sound of things, we could be seeing it sometime this month, or maybe even next week.

To recap, the Vision S is HUAWEI’s latest product supports the company’s Seamless AI Life strategy and “1+8+N” concept. The smart screen sports a 120Hz refresh rate, Advanced Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation, and is pre-installed with HUAWEI MeeTime for 1080p video calls. The Intelligent Bandwidth Adjustment feature lets the device adjust the resolution accordingly after identifying the real-time network connection. For sound, the Vision S sports quad-10W speakers with two Full Frequency Speakers and two High Frequency Speakers and 1L sound cavity included.

HUAWEI has also provided some new details about the smart screen, like its AI Speaker with Screen Off feature for uninterrupted music playback for when the screen is off. Additionally, the Vision S has OneHop projection. “Consumers need only to tap their phone against the HUAWEI Share icon on the HUAWEI Vision S remote control, and their phone screen is projected to the larger display in an instant,” explained HUAWEI.


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