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HUAWEI MateBook X Pro Review: The Industry's FIRST Flexible OLED Display Laptop

The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro has officially launched in Malaysia! This laptop is the industry’s FIRST ever Flexible OLED display laptop. Boasting an ultra-sleek design and providing a stunning OLED display, and most impressively of all, it only weighs less than 1kg! But overall, how effective is this laptop? In this review article, we’re going to delve deeper into the laptop that is not only light enough to carry around wherever you go, but is sure to provide high performance to carry out your everyday tasks with ease! 

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro


The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro mirrors the design of previous HUAWEI laptops, showcasing its simplistic design. Also, a four-axis CNC is applied onto the laptop which gives it a slight, elegant curve called the Skyline Design. This allows the laptop to showcase its sleek design of only 13.5 mm. As for its weight, the MateBook X Pro weighs an astoundingly light 980g after 8 different components in the laptop reduced in weight, such as having a flexible OLED screen which is almost 200g  lighter compared to an AMOLED screen, and this makes it incredibly easy to carry it around with you wherever you go.

Additionally, with the HUAWEI Cloud Falcon Architecture, the MateBook X Pro has an innovative three-segment PCB design, which allows it to have more space by 8% compared to traditional PCBs. This not only increases the space for the CPU and memory, but it also gives a 22% increase in fan dimension, a 17% in battery capacity and 22% increase in speaker capacity as well.

Overall,  the design of the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is very simple, yet unbelievable at the same time. You can get this laptop in the classic White colour, which contrasts with the laptop’s black keyboard.


The MateBook X Pro boasts an incredible 14.2-inch flexible OLED display with 3.1K resolution (3120 x 2080) and a 120 Hz refresh rate! With OLED technology, you’ll be able to enjoy vivid colours and clearer images, especially with the laptop supporting Adobe RGB photography-level colour gamut. Furthermore, the laptop also has TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort 3.0 certification, which ensures a comfortable viewing experience even under prolonged usage.

The laptop also features an aspect ratio of 3:2 and with a screen-to-body ratio of 93%! Also, compared to other laptops with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the MateBook X Pro provides a more efficient and immersive reading experience from articles and web pages, and this is also supported by the 93% screen-to-body ratio. In addition, the laptop’s screen is also capable of reaching 1000 nits, and with that, you’ll be able to watch your screen clearly even under bright lighting! Additionally, the laptop also has a 10-point touch screen feature, meaning that you’ll be able to scroll through your laptop as if it were a tablet!


Powering this incredible laptop is the Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 155H processor which allows it to run at high-performance at all times. This will ensure that this laptop will allow you to be able to handle even the most demanding tasks without any issues whatsoever. The laptop also comes with an incredible 16GB on-board memory with 1TB Storage! 

In addition to this, several tests were also conducted on the MateBook X Pro to see that it would be able to handle demanding workloads. Using Geekbench 6, the results showed that the laptop had a decent score of 2162 points in Single-core score mode and 12325 points in Multi-core mode.

Although it isn’t a gaming laptop, the MateBook X Pro can be used to handle gaming as well thanks to the Intel® Arc™ Graphics that is built into the laptop. In fact, a test was conducted using the Time Spy Score as a benchmark to determine the graphics and CPU of the laptop, and the MateBook X Pro scored a decent 4027 points.

Furthermore, we decided to test this out by playing the popular MOBA game, League of Legends, and even when playing at high graphics, we were still able to run the game smoothly at 60 FPS and without experiencing much lag either!

Furthermore, with the use of Super Turbo Technology, it helps provide the laptop with better power consumption, a higher performance and smoother experience. With this, consumers will be able to run as many as twenty apps simultaneously without experiencing any lag. Additionally, you will also be able to render and export videos up to 4K quality in minutes!

In addition, the HUAWEI Cloud Falcon Architecture also utilises Dual Shark Fin Fans which has a 3D Air Intake design. This not only boosts the airflow system by 22%, but it also enhances the heat dissipation to ensure that your laptop will be kept cool even after long hours of usage.

Battery Life

With the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro utilises a patented dual-cell charging technology, and you may also use the laptop to last the whole work day with just a single charge as it carries a battery capacity of 70Wh. Furthermore, the laptop also supports 90W SuperCharge Turbo, you’d be able to carry out your tasks for 2 hours after just a total of 10 minutes of charging!


In terms of connectivity, the ports that are offered are limited as they only provide a pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side of the laptop, and only a singular USB-C port on the other side. Though, in order to overcome this limitation, HUAWEI provides additional accessories such as a Type-C digital headset and a USB-C OTG Cable.


The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro also provides a Super Device feature, which benefits HUAWEI users as it allows for collaborative management between your HUAWEI devices, such as your mobile device and tablet! 

This feature ensures that multitasking is made easier, as you’ll be able to access your phone screen, apps and even edit files straight from your laptop, and this can be done by simply connecting your phone to the laptop.

With the Super Device, you’ll be able to carry out your tasks more efficiently, especially if you are frequently working across devices, as you’ll be able to access multiple phone windows at the same time on your laptop! 

AI Features

With an advanced processor powering the laptop, the MateBook X Pro is equipped with several AI features including Copilot, WPS AI and some other hardware AI features. With these AI features, it’s almost as if having someone personally help you at all times as with the Copilot feature, you’ll be able to receive information and inspiration all with a single click of a button.

On the other hand, with WPS AI, consumers will be able to come up with articles and speeches in a blink of an eye! Simply type @ai on your file and insert the topic of your choice and you’ll have an article fully prepared! 

Additionally, the WPS AI also comes with a feature which assists in reading through PDF files and providing both analysis and inquiries about it, ensuring an easier time for you to read through your PDF files!

There are also a couple of hardware AI features that the laptop provides, those being AI Camera, AI Sound and AI Search. All three of these features are there to help improve your overall experience with the laptop.

With AI Camera and AI Sound, you’ll be able to enhance and improve your audio and visual respectively during your virtual meetings! As the AI Camera, ensures that you’ll be able to maintain your privacy while also having an immersive calling experience. There are four features that you can access with AI Camera that will help with that, such as virtual background, Eye Contact, FollowCam and Beauty.

Meanwhile, with AI Sound, you’ll be able to experience quiet meetings no matter where you are, thanks to the three different noise cancellation modes that are provided. The Personal Voice Enhancement, which helps cancel the noise of individuals except the user, Sound TrueVoice which reduces the ambient noise, and the last is Sound TrueHD, which captures both the sounds in the environment as well as the user’s voice.

Lastly would be the AI Search feature. With AI Search, you’ll be able to enhance your search performance as you’ll be able to quickly and accurately locate through a wide range of files and materials on both your laptop or phone from your PC through the use of AI-powered intelligence. 


The HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is an incredible option for those who are looking for a laptop! For those content creators who usually work on the go, then this laptop is definitely worth getting with how light and effective it is! Additionally, if you’re hoping to get a laptop with better specs, then look no further than the MateBook X Pro as it also comes with a model with an Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 processor with 32GB Ram & 2TB Rom! The MateBook X Pro is now available nationwide on the HUAWEI Experience Store & HUAWEI Official Online Store and you can make your purchases there! At RM8,999, you’ll be able to get an incredibly light laptop with a stunning OLED display, incredible AI features and long lasting battery life, it’s definitely something worth considering to get!

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