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How to Play the "Squid Game" on Roblox

Kdrama lovers, if you're watching or have watched Netflix's Squid Game, you might want to try out the games played in the drama. If you've watched it, you'll know the children's games played by 456 contestants to survive the competition or they will be killed if they lose. Some of the games played include "Red Light, Green Light", stamped shape out of a sugar honeycomb snack, tug of war, and more.

You can now try out these games yourself on Roblox in the Squid Game mode. While the unique game mode is available, it is not an official one but rather, created by players. (Thanks, Goody25)

You'll be able to join the Red Light, Green Light by searching the creator's name "GOODJUJU" and search for "Fish Game". Then hit on the play button and get ready to enter the game. Interestingly, the creator has included elements like the gigantic doll and background music.

There's also another "Squid Game" created by "Ash_Gold", which you can search for to play the game. Similar to the storyline in the drama, you can choose whether to kill off a fellow contestant at night or proceed to sleep till the next day. The only difference is that you get to choose which game that you want to play unlike the fates of the characters in the drama. You'll be able to vote between playing "Red Light, Green Light" or "Bridge of Glass". The game with the highest votes will be played.


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