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HONOR Releases New Details About HONOR 70

HONOR today released some new information regarding its latest flagship phone, the HONOR 70.

The HONOR 70 features Sony’s IMX800 50MP Super Sensing Main Camera. The camera doubles as an ultrawide and macro camera alongside a 2MP depth sensor.

Comparing the IMX800 to the IMX766, the sensor propels the dynamic range of the HONOR 70 by 23%.

The camera has a 1/1.49 sensor and an aperture of f/1,9 that allows for high-quality photography.

The IMX800 allows for better low-light shooting, giving the right background details without overexposing while retaining the rich details of the overall atmosphere.

The other main camera features 50MP with an ultrawide lens that reaches up to 122 degrees field of view.

The HONOR 70 also intelligently switches to the macro camera, making clear crisp shots within a close distance possible.


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