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The FIRST Mid-Range Phone with Flagship AI Features! - HONOR 200 Series releasing in Malaysia on June 19th!

The highly anticipated HONOR 200 series is set to make its official debut in Malaysia on June 19, 2024! This will be HONOR's first mid-range phone equipped with flagship AI functions. The HONOR 200 series will showcase an impressive combination of design with advanced AI capabilities. Thus, before the phone's official launch, we'll be taking a look into the 5 AI features that this highly anticipated AI aesthetic flagship mobile phone has to offer.

Magic Portal

Starting things off is the Magic Portal function, almost reminiscent to Doraemon's Anywhere Door pocket where you could arrive at any location in a matter of seconds, as this AI feature will allow you to access your files quicker, even when you're on another app. All you have to do is drag and drop either images or texts in order to cross through different applications.

With this AI feature, you'll be able to save time by crossing through different applications in a matter of seconds. Whether you're in a rush and in need of searching the location of your destination, all you need to do is hold and drag the text to either the left or right borders of the phone and a list of applications will appear, allowing you to select which one you wish to select.

Smart Folder and Magic Capsule

With the Smart Folder, allows you to be able to easily customise your folder size to display more applications. This will ensure that you will be able to access to your applications much easier, rather than scrolling through your phone to find it. For example, you could have an entire folder dedication to just social media, and you could adjust and customise the folder and insert all social media applications inside the folder so that you could access it much quicker.

As for the Magic Capsule, this feature will allow you to be able to run applications in the background while working on other tasks on your phone. For example, when you're busy recording audio, using the timer feature or even listening to music, the Magic Capsule will display the status in real time and you could access it straight away instead of accessing it through the app. This AI feature is especially beneficial who are multitasking or require to do multiple tasks at the same time.

AI Natural Tone 2.0

The newly upgraded Natural Colour Display 2.0 is able to automatically sense the ambient colour changes and adjusts the colour temperature by itself, allowing users to keep their eyes at comfort even under different lighting conditions. Though, this version is only available for the HONOR 200 Pro. Based on previous demonstrations, the HONOR Pro screen is shown to able to adjust the colour on screen to get a more natural colour display even when there's a change in lighting.

(Photo source: HONOR)

AI Blur Privacy Info

With the AI Blur Privacy Info, you will not have to worry about accidentally sending any private information such as contact numbers, name or even email with this feature. This will not only ensure your privacy, but also the privacy of those around you.

AI Motion Sensing Capture

(Photo source: HONOR)

To access the AI Motion Sensing Capture feature, all you have to do is click the man icon on the bottom left side of the screen in your camera. Upon confirming this, you'll be able to start taking automatic captures, which will automatically detect and capture more wonderful scenes when taking pictures.

As mentioned above, the new HONOR 200 series will be launching in Malaysia on June 19th 2024. Meanwhile, the HONOR 200 Pro early bird promotion has also begun as a result. From now until June 18th, you'll only need to make a deposit of only RM20 in order to lock in a discount in advance. After paying the full amount, you'll also be able to get gifts worth to RM1,377. These gifts include:

  • RM200 cash rebate (including RM20 deposit)

  • HONOR Super Fast Charging Wireless Charger

  • HONOR Earbuds X6 headphones

  • 365 days of fall damage protection

For more information about the camera and other specifications of the HONOR 200 series, please stay tuned for our in-depth review!


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