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Here's All the Changes You Need to Know About in Apex Legends Season 4 - Assimilation

Respawn Entertainment's prized child Apex Legends has come a long way since its inception. From a surprise takeover of the Battle Royale scene, the game has seen many changes along way - the biggest of which take place during Season updates.

Earlier this month, Season 4 - titled 'Assimilation' - went live, bringing with a hoard of new updates that breathe new life into the title's fixed gameplay.

New Legend

The most exciting update is of course the addition of a new legend to its roster. Revenant's abilities certainly live up to his name and appearance - his 2 active abilities are Silence and Death Totem. Silence leaves a cloud that disables tactical and ultimate abilities, while Death Totem protects users from death once by turning them into a shadow that returns into the totem instead.

His passive skills are also designed to make him more slippery - his passive skills are Low Profile, which makes him more difficult to hit, while Stalker allows him to crouch walk faster and climb walls higher.

Map Update

Hammond Robotics has dropped a massive Planet Harvester right into the heart of the map, providing a large beacon to orientate players as well as a massive space for players to carry out prolonged fights with less chance of interruption from 3rd parties.

The World Harvester has also caused the map to split into 2, with both halves of the map connected at only 2 points - a zipline or a fallen skyscraper bridge. The gap itself does not cause instant death when a player falls into it - rather, a newly introduced updraft sends you soaring back into the sky. It isn't a free launch point though - players will take 25 damage and travel very slowly in third person, reducing the chance for this mechanic to be abused.

New Weapon

Ah, the Sentinel. This new weapon is a high-powered sniper rifle that causes massive damage once it enters the energised state, and leaves different VFX trails. The weapon is pretty interesting, as it allows players to adjust their shots to any speed they like.

New Battle Pass

Season 4's Battle Pass brings with it a whole hoard of new treasures to farm - over 100 exclusive items in total. Some of the goodies you will unlock as progress include Legendary skins, Apex Packs, loading screens, music packs and more. If you complete the 100 levels of the Battle Pass, you will also unlock the Health Drain Lifeline, Blue Steel Crypto, Cyberpunked Wattson and Heat Skin Flatline skins.

The full breakdown of all the rewards can be found here.

Ranked Series

As in any game, Ranked Series is a place to showcase your skills and flex your hard-earned medals. Ranked Series will have 2 splits per season and reset after ~6 weeks each (3 months total). Split 1 will be played on World's Edge while Split 2 will be played on King's Canyon. There has also been a new tier - Master - added between Diamond and Apex Predator.

More details and the breakdown of last season's stats can be found here.


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