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Help the Needy by Tuning Into the Predator Charity Challenge This Weekend

With the ongoing pandemic and ever-extending movement control order (MCO), most of us have taken a hit in multiple aspects - but even more so for marginalised communities. Now, we'll have the opportunity to do our bit to help the needy from the comfort of our own homes.

The Predator Charity Challenge will be led by well-known streamers MasterRamen, Chiko, and Daddyhood. All you have to do is tune into their PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) streams during the challenge period, and Acer Malaysia will donate RM1 for every viewer tuned in during the peak viewcount (capped at RM2,000 each day.)

On top of that, Acer Malaysia will also donate RM20 for every kill the streamers get, and RM500 for every Chicken Dinner they achieve. So, do lend your support and cheer for the streamers to massacre as many players as they can during the livestreams - it's all for a good cause after all, eh?

All proceeds will go to the Pit Stop Community Cafe, a social enterprise that feeds the marginalised while maintaining a sense of dignity and respect.

On top of the Predator Charity Challenge, Acer Malaysia is also offering discounts up to 20% on the Acer official store as well as their official Lazada store.

So, if you're up for some armchair charity, do take the time to tune in to the aforementioned streams this weekend!


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