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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home To Release on Mobile Devices From August 2024!

Natsume has officially announced a new game to the Harvest Moon series titled Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home, that is set to release on mobile devices both on iOS and Android from August 2024.

There has not been much news regarding the upcoming game, but the president and CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa made a statement regarding the game.

"We are excited to bring a fresh new Harvest Moon experience back to mobile gamers with Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home." Hiro stated.

"Featuring the traditional Harvest Moon style that fans know and love, along with some familiar faces, we hope this will be a cozy farming adventure favorite for all mobile gamers. We look forward to welcoming you home this summer!” He added.

Although not much information of the game has been made public yet, the synopsis of the game was revealed.

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home follows the tale of the main character who finally returns to his hometown of Alba after spending ten years in the city and after being convinced by their childhood friend to return. However, the main character's return was anything but grand as the Town of Alba has not progressed and remain in a poor state, while the townspeople all scorn the main character for leaving for the city. Will you be able to win the hearts of the townspeople and revitalise your hometown?

As the game's release date draws closer, more information and footage of the gameplay should be released. However, Harvest Moon fans should feel excited at seeing another instalment to the franchise!


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