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Halo-Themed Swarovski Crystals Unveiled In Celebration of the Series' 20th Anniversary

Things are getting more luxurious and premium for Halo Infinite as Microsoft and Swarovski have teamed up to release limited-edition Halo collectibles inspired by Master Chief's Mjolnir helmet and the Energy Sword. Why more luxurious? The video game previously released a series of diamond necklaces with hip hop jewellery brand, King Ice.

The Mjolnir helmet is made from a single piece of crystal and has 140 facets, while the Energy Sword crystal is made from 13 cut crystal pieces and has 204 facets. "Each piece of crystal perfection is a microcosm of the franchise values, asking you to become the hero for every adventure to come," said Swarovski.

In celebration of Master Chief's Spartan number, the jewellery brand manufactured 117 pieces in total. The crystals are not for sale, however, fans can join a contest to win one from Swarovski's official website. It will end on 15 December. Additionally, from 9 - 13 December, anyone who donates US$10 (~RM) on StockX will automatically enter the contest.


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