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Halo Infinite’s Co-op Campaign Gets Public Test In July

Sci-fi first person shooter Halo Infinite is getting a public test of its long anticipated campaign co-op mode after launching back in November 2021 without it.

The developers, 343 Industries announced on Thursday that the test is targeted to take place from July 11th to July 22nd. Players who own the Halo Infinite campaign or are an active Xbox Game Pass subscriber can sign up for the public test on Halo Waypoint as an Insider or on the Xbox Insider App.

The studio also plans to test the ability to replay campaign missions, which was not a feature at launch due to its open world nature.

The test requires players to download a new build of the campaign and progress made there will not carry over to the official version of the game. Up to four players across Xbox and PC can team up and play co-op together.


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