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Halo Infinite Player Creates Minecraft Nether And Village With Forge

Halo’s Forge mode has been an iconic staple to the franchise since its inclusion in Halo 3. The mode allows users to edit and create maps using the game’s many assets.

While Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has yet to be officially released, some players who have gotten access to it have begun creating amazing things with it. One such player has recreated parts of Minecraft.

Freelance artist Dan Brindley Johnson shared images on Twitter of his creations, which included a recreation of a Minecraft village and the Nether. If not for the Halo Infinite UI, you could easily mistake the screenshots for actual Minecraft with mods enabled.

This caught many gamers' attention, the post garnering over ten thousand likes. Many praised Dan for his creative work and dedication, convincing them that the potential of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode was infinite (pun intended).

When Forge mode does release, it will be exciting to see what other gamers could create with all the tools available.


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