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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Will Add More Weapons in Future Updates

Halo Infinite Multiplayer has received positive reviews since it launched mainly due to the wide selection of weapons found on the maps. And, it seems like fans will be more delighted as 343 Industries Head of Creative, Joseph Staten confirmed that it will add more weapons over time.

Staten talked about the number of weapons in the game's multiplayer mode during a recent interview with Game Informer, confirming that more weapons will be coming to the game in due course.

Since it was a rapid-fire interview, Staten only gave away brief answers and little details. He also hinted that the game may be getting a number of secret weapons like Halo 2's Scarab gun moving forward. While he refused to reveal the date for the release of the new weapons, he did mention that the team's plan is to add new content on a seasonal basis. This means we could expect the new guns to be added at the start of Season 2.


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