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GSC, TGV, and MBO Cinemas Temporarily Shut Down in Wake of Movement Restriction Order

In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, 3 major cinema chains have announced temporary closures in accordance with the government's movement restriction order.

How does this affect you?

If you've decided to become a hermit in the past few weeks and haven't bought or planned to buy any movie tickets since, then you probably won't be affected.

However, those who HAVE purchased online tickets for screenings that fall within the movement restriction period will have their purchase refunded ASAP, while those who purchased physical tickets from kiosks or counters will be eligible to get their refund once the movement restriction period ends.

It's very reassuring to see that the Malaysian government is taking steps to control the outbreak, and that companies have taken measures to comply and ensure that their customers are affected as little as possible.

In the meantime, perhaps you can consider subscribing to Netflix to satisfy your movie cravings.


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