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Google Previews Android 12 Features in New Post

Google has offered a preview of the upcoming Android 12’s features in a new blog post.

Some of the previewed features pertain to better format support, such as the introduction of AVIF image support or the compatible media transcoding feature, which provides non-HEVC-supporting apps with automatic transcoding to AVC format. Android VP of Engineering David Burke wrote that a one minute 1080p 30FPS video takes around nine seconds to go through the transcoding process on the Pixel 4. Android 12 will also introduce MPEG-H support in passthrough and offload mode, as well as optimisation for up to 23 channels for audio mixers, resamplers, and effects.

Image source: Google

On the privacy side of things, the new OS will have the new SameSite cookie behaviours in WebView and restricted Netlink MAC. Additionally, app components that “declare one or more intent filters must now explicitly declare an android:exported attribute”, and apps have to explicitly declare a mutability flag.

Other previewed features include haptic-coupled audio feedback, easier rich content insertion via a new unified API, updated notification UI, faster and more responsive notifications, and improved Binder IPC calls. There will also be foreground service optimisations and immersive mode API improvements.

You can check out the full rundown here.


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