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Google Is Working On A Redesign for Play Store Website

Google's Play Store website has been using the same design for ages and while it may look just fine for you, many have already been calling for a redesign. Well, it seems that Google heard them and is in the process of bringing a new look to the website.

According to a tipster (via Android Police), the new design of the website looks just like the interface of the Android Play Store app. Based on the image above, the only thing remaining from the old look is the Play Store logo on the top left corner. Everything else is gone, including the grey background and the side menu. Instead, there will be four tabs for the main categories on the top of the page: Games, Apps, Movies, and Books.

Meanwhile, the rest of the stuff on the original sidebar like payment method, subscriptions, rewards, and more are moved to the account menu in the top right corner. When you are on an app's page, you will see a huge banner for the content as the background, and some games will also have trailers that will play automatically. Below the banner, there will be developer contact options and further app recommendations, while the rest of the interface is similar to the mobile app.

As for search experience, you will be getting more auto-complete recommendations as you type out the apps you're looking for. When the searches match well enough, you will be redirected to a search page that provides more details about the results. The redesign is still in progress as the tipster couldn't access his app library in the new interface and he has faced some visual inconsistencies like old UI elements popping on both sides in some app listings.

The redesigned website is only available in the Korean Play Store and Taiwanese Play Store websites at the moment so Malaysians would have to wait for a bit more before Google rolls out the new look here.


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