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God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus mode, New Armors, Runes and more are available now

PlayStation.Blog announced that the God of War Ragnarok's New Game Plus update is now available. The update includes new equipment, an armor appearance, a new level cap, enchantments, an expanded arena, end-game bosses, and more.

New equipment

Armor of the Black Bear (The cloak from the opening scene, focus on Strength and Defense)

Spartan Armor (Armor with no Perk, Stats, and Locked at Power 1)

Ares Armor (Armor from GoW 2018, chance to drop health stone on hit)

Zeus Armor (High-risk high reward playstyle, increase Melee & Runic damage)

New Shield - Spartan Aspis

13 New armor appearances are remixed with new color combinations and styles which can be applied to any of the Level 9+ armor in the transmog menu.

In NG+, Kratos and the enemies will have an increased level cap. Players can now convert the Level 9 equipment into Level 9+ versions with additional levels of progression, granting a Gilded Coin which can be used on the shop to purchase new Enchantments in the game.

Besides that, there are also stat boost enchantments available by defeating the Berserker Souls on NG+, which give a massive boost to any stats you want to build more. And, instead of stat boost enchantments, players can now equip Burdens, a new set of Enchantments with negative Perks made for challenging players.

Other than that, the sparring arena in Niflheim in NG+ will offer more varied options to play with. Players can now choose to play as Kratos or Atreus with any of the following companions to fight beside you as Atreus (with Kratos), Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Ingrid, Thor and Thrúd.

Lastly, the Endgame bosses in NG+ will be a lot tougher. Other addition will be enemy adjustments, Black and White render mode, skip cinematics, and more can be found on the PlayStation.Blog.


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