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Goblin Slayer -Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast Set to Release on October 25th!

Red Art Games, producers of games such as SWORD OF THE VAGRANT and RECORD OF LODOSS WAR: DEEDLIT IN WONDER LABYRINTH has announced on social media that they will be releasing a brand new game based on the popular, yet dark-fantasy anime Goblin Slayer. The game will be titled Goblin Slayer -Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast and they have already released a trailer on the game. The game trailer announced that it will be releasing on October 25th 2024!

The trailer helped showcase the game's main gameplay aspect which is a tactical RPG format where players are able to make use of their party members in order to defeat their enemies as well as come up with traps and utilise element attributes in order to gain an advantage over their enemies.

The game follows a young heroine taking her deceased father’s place at the head of the local Adventurers’ Guild in a remote land. She will have to juggle her Guild Master duties and her own adventures as she meets vampires, elves, and many other companions and enemies. Soon enough, she discovers an artifact in her father’s study. It is rumored to possess the power of resurrecting the dead. As the new Guild Master and her party gets entangled in the desires of those seeking this power, will they be able to bring peace to the land?

The game will be fully voiced in Japanese to bring back fans of the series as well as get newer ones into the world of magic and strife.

Furthermore, you will be able to get the game via a standard edition, a Deluxe Edition as well as a Collector's Edition. The two special editions are available on Red Art Games' store. The Deluxe Edition includes a sleeve with alternate cover art, a sticker sheet, and the soundtrack CD. The Collector's Edition includes a steelcase, doube-sided acrylic stand, double-sided poster, and sticker sheet.

For those of you who enjoy the anime series and tactical RPG games, then this is definitely something you should be excited for!


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