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Glimmer in Mirror will be available in Early Access for PC on January 10, 2023

Glimmer in Mirror demo is available now on Steam!

The 2D action game <Glimmer in Mirror> published by CubeGame and Pleasant Rain, will go on sale as early access on January 10, 2023 on PC via Steam for $16.99 (~RM74). You can watch the official release date trailer below.


"Glimmer in Mirror is a Metroidvania-style 2D action game in which the main character, Shiro, restores a destroyed world. Encounter various NPCs and encounter monsters in the mirror world. By repeating the search, we will approach the hidden truth. According to the Steam store page, it is a work that emphasizes the story, and it seems to adopt multiple endings in which the ending changes as Shiro makes choices during the adventure"


This is the first game of the indie game studio MapleDorm Games. The early access period is expected to last around a year. More scenarios and map expansions, side storylines, talents, and objects are planned for the official release. Check out <Glimmer in Mirror> on Steam if you're interested!


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