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GIGABYTE Reveals AMD B650 Motherboard Lineup with Premium Performance

Mid-range motherboards that provide optimal PC experience

GIGABYTE B650 motherboards continue the innovative design, high-quality materials, and superior convenience of X670 models to offer users a product line from ATX to Mini ITX form factors. The GIGABYTE B650 motherboards embrace PCIe and M.2 EZ-Latch while B650E adopts advanced M.2 EZ-Latch Plus, enabling users to detach the M.2 SSD and VGA cards easily.

Besides, GIGABYTE's B650 Micro ATX and Mini ITX models include PCIe 5.0 M.2 SSD support as well for users to enjoy ATX level gaming experience. The B650 AERO G features VisionLINK technology which allows for data and video transmission based on the USB Type-C interface which is exclusively designed for creative creators.

GIGABYTE select B650 motherboard boasts up to 16+2+2 phase Twin Digital power design, notably Mini ITX model B650I AORUS ULTRA equips an 8+2+1 phase direct digital power with Smart Power Stage capable of managing up to 105A optimal power management and power load balance.

Meanwhile, the GIGABYTE B650 motherboards incorporate Active OC Tuner active overclocking technology. The CPU overclocking frequency and number of operating cores can be switched between the Precision Boost Overdrive, and manual overclocking according to different requirements.

The VRM thermal design of GIGABYTE B650 motherboards is enhanced by full-coverage heatsinks and heat pipes according to different features and configurations of various models. Moreover, the surrounding area of the M.2 slot enables the support of the latest 25110 M.2 SSD form factor, while the strengthened metal shielding design increase the stability by up to 50%.

The GIGABYTE B650 series includes 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connection speeds to provide gamers with quicker and more stable wired network connectivity. All WIFI models in the lineup include Wi-Fi 6E 802.11ax, which provides blazing-fast 2.4 Gbps connection rates on a dedicated band. Users get extra connectivity options and incredibly fast connection speeds with both high-speed Ethernet and WIFI.

GIGABYTE B650 motherboards pack abundant features such as Ultra Durable Technology, Q-Flash Plus, and the brand-new GIGABYTE Control Center (GCC). For more information, please visit the official GIGABYTE website.


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