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Gigabyte Launches GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics Cards

Gigabyte has announced four new models for their first wave of GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards. These include the Gaming, Eagle, and Vision series, with the Aorus series cards to follow at a later date.

Gaming OC

Designed for mainstream gamers, the Gaming OC cards feature Gigabyte's WINDFORCE 3X cooling system, which includes three unique blade fans, alternate spinning, composite copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU, 3D active fan technology and screen cooling. These cooling technologies keep the graphics card cool to maintain high performance.

Meanwhile, RGB Fusion 2.0 allows users to customise the RGB lighting and sync it with other AORUS devices.

Vision OC

The Vision OC series is designed to suit content creators and those who prefer a more elegant aesthetic to their setup. Featuring a silver and white theme, the Vision OC card is suitable for all-white rigs. Apart from an attractive exterior, the Vision OC also features thermal design, components, and performance on par with the Gaming OC, thus offering a balance of performance and aesthetics.

Eagle OC

The sci-fi inspired Eagle OC graphics card features a dual fan design with Gigabyte's WINDFORCE 2X cooling technology for effective heat dissipation. Its transparent cover coupled with a bright logo customisable with RGB Fusion 2.0 allows users to create a unique aesthetic to suit their tastes.

For more information on Gigabyte's RTX 3060 series graphics cards, you may visit the official product page here.

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