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GIGABYTE Announces RTX 3000 Series AORUS and AERO Laptop Lineup

GIGABYTE has just announced their new AORUS and AERO laptop lineups powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series graphics. The AORUS gaming series consists of the AORUS 17G, AORUS 15G, and AORUS 15P, while the AERO creator series comprises the AERO 17, AERO 17 HDR, AERO 15, and AERO 15 OLED models.

This year's virtual launch theme was "Performance Above All", which is reflected in the design of this year's lineup. WINDFORCE Infinity technology enables the AORUS and AERO series laptops to squeeze the best performance out of its RTX 3000 series graphics cards while maintaining thermals.

AORUS lineup

Co-designed with G2 Esports, the AORUS lineup features speedy displays up to 300Hz as well as a mechanical keyboard on the AORUS 17G. With details engineered around gamers' needs, these laptops are designed to produce unmatched gaming performance.

AERO lineup

Winners of the 2020 RedDot Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award, the AERO series notebooks feature the world’s first Xrite Pantone color calibrated OLED displays.

Apart from outstanding displays, these thin-and-light laptops include the connectivity needed by creators, including HDMI 2.1, miniDP, and Thunderbolt 3 ports for display output, along with a UHS-II SD card reader designed for photographers.

Pre-orders are available immediately. For more info, please visit the official GIGABYTE launch website here.


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