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Genshin Impact's First Official International TCG Tournament 2023 Shares A Prize Pool of 270,000 USD

Genshin Impact has announced its first official international tournament featuring the popular game mode Genius Invokation TCG, titled "Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup" in the second half of 2023. Players around the globe are welcome to join the fun and competitive tournament in six regional championships and share the prize pool of over 270,000 US Dollars.

Additionally, the "Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup" tournament was announced today to bring together proficient players from multiple nations and regions to provide fun for its community.

The Prince Cup will consists of two parts with six regional tournament happening in between June to September, and three cross-regional invitationals in June, August, and December. The top candidates from the "Cat's Tail Gathering" community tournament and wildcard competitions will compete for the regional championship.

Players across the world will be able to join the tournament watch party on the official AstraCarnival Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok channel. Besides, top regional candidates and top community tournament candidates may also get invited to the invitationals and take part in exhibition games for the international audience.

The regionals in Korea, Europe, and North America will start off the tournament first, with wildcard competition sign-ups open today. To learn more about the "Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup," kindly check out the official tournament website or follow @AstraCarnival on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and @astra_carnival on TikTok for further updates.

For fans who are interested to host their own non-official Genius Invokation TCG tournament may approach Genshin Impact Non-Official Tournament Collaboration Rules to get support and guidance from HoYoverse.


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