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Genshin Impact Fan Recreates Noelle’s Pancakes

One of the many side activities in Genshin Impact is cooking. Using a recipe and gathering the necessary ingredients, players can cook the dish and obtain a food item that provides benefits such as healing your character or buffing them.

One of these dishes is the Tea Break Pancake, which revives a fallen character, restores 15% of max HP and an additional 550 HP. One such character in the game can create a unique speciality dish from this recipe, that character being Noelle.

One Genshin fan has taken the extra step and decided to recreate Noelle’s pancake dish in real life. Reddit user Aisu-Y shared an image online showcasing their recreation of the dish, called Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes in the game.

Many users praised Aisu-Y’s replication of the dish, with the post quickly amassing hundreds of upvotes and positive comments. Some users did note the lack of a rose in the recreation as seen in the official game. Aisu-Y replied saying they’ll recreate a more refined version of the dish soon.

Whatever the case, looking at these pancakes has started to make me hungry.


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