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Garmin Malaysia Launches A Series Of Smartwatches For Sports Enthusiasts

Yesterday afternoon, Garmin announced the launch of the Forerunner 255 and 955 series that is a whole new line of GPS running smartwatches for sports enthusiasts.

Forerunner 255 Series

The Forerunner 255 comes in 4 models being The Forerunner 255S and Forerunner 255 Music that are available in 41mm whereas the Forerunner 255 and the Forerunner 255 Music are available in 46mm.

The features that are added to the Forerunner 255 series are:

  • Morning report: Users will receive workout suggestions, information about sleep, weather report and HRV status.

  • Full triathlon support: Allowing easy switch up of workout routine with triathlon and multiple sport profiles.

  • HRV status: Tracking of heart rate while sleeping.

  • Garmin Pay Contactless Payment: Garmin's very own contactless payment.

  • Multi-band GPS: Increased accuracy is run data.

The Forerunner 255 is available in colors Slate Grey and Tide Blue while the Forerunner 255S is available in colors Powder Grey, Bubblegum (available in Q3 2022) with a suggested retail price of RM1,730.

The Forerunner 255 Music and Forerunner 255S Music is available in colors Black and Whitestone with a suggested retail price of RM1,970.

Forerunner 955 Series

For running enthusiasts, the Forerunner 995 Solar is truly going to steal your heart. it allows athletes to have up to 20 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 49 hours in GPS mode. It also has an easy to reach and responsive touchscreen.

The features that are added to the Forerunner 955 series are:

  • Solar charging (Only can be found in Forerunner 955 Solar): Power glass solar charging allows users to have up to 49 hours of usage in GPS mode.

  • Touchscreen interface: Allows easy navigation through maps, statistics and so much more - the added traditional 5 buttons can be used separately or with the touchscreen feature.

  • Multi-band GPS: Allowing users to stay on track with multi-satellite-system-tracking.

  • Training readiness: To learn how the body is going to benefit form training based on sleep, recover time and HRV status.

  • HRV status: Tracking of heart rate while sleeping.

  • Morning report: After being paired with a smartphone, users can receive the weather report and daily workout suggestions - the report can be customized according to users preferred details.

  • Race widget: Users can view race prep information - including specific performance, race day weather, and countdown clock.

  • Real-time stamina insights: Users can monitor and track levels of exertion in real-time

The Forerunner 995 Solar has a suggested retail price of RM2,970 while the non-solar version of Forerunner 995 has a suggested retail price of RM2,470.

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