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[Games Around the Corner] Week 13, 2022 - Nightmares

This week, players will go into the dream world but it's not all butterflies and flowers. Face the characters' nightmares in a bloody retro-style FPS and a narrative-driven horror adventure game.

Nightmare Reaper

Nightmare Reaper has been on Steam as an Early Access version for some time. When the full game arrives, it will include more weapons, new game modes, loots, and more of the nightmare-ridden storyline. Developed by Blazing Bit Games, it is a classic 2.5D FPS of the 90s with elements of modern looter shooters and rogue-lites.

The full version of Nightmare Reaper will be available on Steam on 28 March.

In Nightmare

In Nightmare follows a young boy who fell into a deep sleep trying to escape from his home's harsh reality and wound up in a place of dreams and nightmares. Follow the butterfly-like dream spirit sneak past enemies and detect hidden pathways and items along the journey to help the boy wake up from his nightmares.

In Nightmare will launch on PS4 and PS5 on 29 March.


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