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Galactic Civilizations IV Beta 2 Adds Multiplayer Mode, Battle Viewer, and More

Before Galactic Civilizations IV officially launches, the upcoming sci-fi strategy game adds a second beta, featuring three multiplayer modes, a cinematic battle viewer, new commanders, and more.

Here's what the new beta includes:

Multiplayer Modes

  • Arena - The stand-offs are tense Arena mode, where two players enter and only one will come out alive. Locked into a fierce battle from which there is no escape, you'll have to employ your wits and your weapons to win.

  • Agenda - You'll need to be ready for anything in the Agenda multiplayer mode, where the goal changes with each game. Whether you need to conquer and hold precursor relics or defeat select enemies, care decisions are required in order to beat your opponents to the punch. Build when you have to, fight when you have to, but never lose sight of the overall goal: victory.

  • Survival - Trust - or backstab, we won't judge - your friends in a fierce war against AI opponents who continue to grow in strength and strategy as the game progresses. There is no doubt that eventually the humans will fall, but the real question here is: who will be the one who dies last?

Battle Viewer

The new Battle Viewer adds an exciting visual spark to the game and lets you see ship battles in all of their cinematic glory. Feel the power of your command as you watch your fleets take on your civilization's enemies and send their vessels into the endless depths of space.

New Commanders

New commanders have been added for several civilizations, including the Krynn, Iconians, Onyx Hive, and Altarians. Recruited citizens can become commanders of one of seven vessels that are unique to their civilization, granting you an edge over your enemies if you plan it right. While some grant bonuses to stats like influence and attack, others allow unique access to things like Promethion chambers or grant other special abilities.

New Galactic Achievements

Several new Galactic Achievements are waiting to challenge you in Beta 2! Galactic Achievements can be challenging to complete, but can also claim certain victory for you when executed well. Are you brave enough to challenge the Dread Fleet? Your advisors warn that you should leave it alone, but what fun is backing away from a challenge.

And Much More

New policies and executive orders like exploiting natural resources or reduced regulations give you more control over how you govern your civilization. Newly added map markers that are placed at the site where one of your vessels is destroyed will also ensure you never take a wrong turn at that galactic fork in the road again. Several other updates and fixes ensure that the beta is running smoothly as we move toward launch later this year.

Sign up for the beta here.


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