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Free Fire MCP Majors Season 3 Is Coming Soon

Free Fire MCP Majors is coming back for its third season starting this month with a total prize pool of US$70,000 (~RM292,775). Registrations for the In-Game Qualifiers will be open on 18 February at 5pm. Players in Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines (MCP) who are at least Level 20 and have Platinum 1 rank in Battle Royale mode are eligible for the registration.

The In-Game Qualifiers will take place on 20 February before participants move on to the Qualifier Finals, joining professional teams like Geek Fam and Secret Xpert, who received direct invites from the Free Fire Challengers Malaysia (FFCM). The top 18 teams will then march into the Lague Circuit to fight for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Scheduled on 16 April, the Grand Finals will feature the top 12 teams, including Todak, the FFCM champions, and Blacklist International, the MCP Majors Season 2 winner.

The MCP Majors Season 3 will determine the representative team for the MCP region in the upcoming international FFWS, which will happen in May 2022.


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