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Fortnite x Balenciaga: New Skins, Clothing, Accessories, and More

Epic Games' latest collab is with a high-fashion brand - Balenciaga - a two-way crossover that sees Balenciaga outfits sold in-game while real Fortnite-themed clothes are available in Balenciaga stores.

The collab includes fashion items like a hoodie, jacket, baseball cap, T-shirt, and shirt. The hoodie costs US$725 (RM3,037) while the denim jacket comes at US$1,290 (RM5,404). Its T-shirt is priced at US$495 (RM2,073) whereas the shirt is available at US$995 (RM4,168). The baseball cap can be purchased at US$395 (RM1,654). Fans can find the limited edition Fortnite-themed clothes here.

From today onwards, Ramirez, Doggo, Banshee, and Game Knight will appear in-game in the Balenciaga Fit set. Fans can also unlock Balenciaga backpacks as their back bling, a themed pickaxe with the shape of a sneaker, a purse glider, wrap, and emote.

From now until 28 September, players can also unlock a pair of free sprays - Fashion Doggo Spray and Knight Looks Spray - by completing two quests.

Players can visit the Strange Times Featured Hub that features a virtual Balenciaga store, where they can hang out with other fashionable friends, change looks, and purchase the Balenciaga Fit Outfits.

There is also a themed photography campaign from now until 23 September at 12pm ET, which is at 12am on 24 September Malaysian Time. The campaign lets players express their style and get featured in-game on billboards in the Strange Times Featured Hub. Visit this link for more information.


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