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[Flex Mode] - Unfold your world for a better perspective.

Multitasking powerhouse with the improved Flex mode and Multi window features.

The multi-task window or split-screen mode are not exactly new ideas. On most smartphones running at least Android 7, these have been standard features. But for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 that offers a laptop-like experience via Flex mode by upgrading the way Flex Mode functions with split-screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung enhanced the feature even more.

Besides, Galaxy Z Flip 4 enable users to drag the application out of the notification panel and brings into splitscreen, which makes checking out/replying messages much more easier without switching between the applications.

(Pop-up view)

(Flex mode)

To setup the flex mode on your foldable device, please follow these steps:

Step 1. On your Settings menu tap “Advanced features”. Step 2. Select the “Labs” option. Step 3. Tap on “Flex mode panel”.

Step 4. On this screen select which apps to activate the Flex mode panel by tapping the toggle button.

Step 5. Open the app of your choice, put it in folded state and enjoy Flex mode, where the chosen app appears on the top screen and the Flex mode touchpad appears on the bottom screen.

While in Flex mode, the bottom part of the display will feature five icons which functions as:

  • Notify panel down.

  • Screenshot Capture.

  • Brightness Control.

  • Volume Control.

  • Touchpad on/off.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Flex mode touchpad, you can perform these actions on your touchpad:

  • 1 finger click action.

  • Open menu with the touch of 2 fingers (right click).

  • Scroll up and down operation with 2 fingers, left and right by swiping with 2 fingers.

  • Zoom in/out operation when punching with 2 fingers.

For my experience in using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flex mode, there are some applications that might not work as intended. For example, when using TikTok or Instagram, the UI takes up a lot of space on the display which covers up the content you are basically watching. Besides, Flex mode turns your display into a small cropped screen on the upper body of the Flip 4, which basically limits the things to be shown on it which limits the things that can be done on it, hence not every application is suitable to be used on Flex mode.

(IGTV's UI can't show properly on the top right corner)

(Smaller screen to view in Flex mode)

Overall, it is still an amazing smartphone that can do routine task with style. The Flex mode feature is really brilliant, it allows users to try out things that normal smartphone couldn't achieve such as turning your device into standing mode instead of laying flat on the surface which is convenient for people who keep their eyes on their phone while occupied with other tasks.


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