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First Impression on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung is back along with a new star in the galaxy - Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Min min is grateful that I got the opportunity to try out the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra mostly retrains the design from its predecessor, with slightly noticeable changes on the camera module which appears to be bigger and protruding.

I’m impressed with the color choice of Green on the Galaxy S23 Ultra compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra as the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Green feels more classy because of the darker color tone which is very suitable for people with high self-esteem, which looks professional and serious in my opinion.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra delivers a 200MP Wide-angle Main Camera, a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, and 2 Telephoto Camera including a 10MP 10x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera and a 10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera 2. As you may know, the Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts its 200MP Main camera which preserves as many details as possible for every shot.

Of course, the S Pen is still available on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Not only it keeps the legacy of the Galaxy Note series alive, but it also offers the functionality of the Galaxy Note, allowing you to put down memos effortlessly.

As a result, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a “Goat” flagship I recommended to go for as the value you get from it is worth every penny you spend. Knowing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is now having a pre-order discount of up to RM500, I would definitely pre-order the Galaxy S23 Ultra if I’m financially stable. ಥ_ಥ


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