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First Impression and Unboxing on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The commencement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 could mark the most significant evolution within the series thus far. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 effectively tackles the major drawback present in the Flip 4 and its predecessors. Primarily, it introduces a noticeably larger external screen that is genuinely functional for various tasks. Additionally you get a slimmer phone that closes without any gap in between.

The packaging of the Galaxy Flip 5 includes a warranty card, a user manual, and a USB Type-C charging cable.

Although the general design aesthetics of the Flip 5 maintain a similar appearance to the Flip 4, there have been some modifications. Foremost and notably, the phone now shuts without leaving any gaps, attributed to a redesigned hinge. This results in a marginally sleeker phone, an enhancement that is undoubtedly favourable.

(Galaxy Z Flip 4 on the left, Galaxy Z Flip 5 on the right) The Galaxy Z Flip 5 camera is less promising as it delivers a dual camera system with 12MP main camera sensor and 12MP ultra-wide shooter, including 10MP selfie camera on main screen, similar to Flip 4. However, the Image quality is refined through enhanced software processing.

The highlight of the phone, which is the 3.4-inch cover screen on the Flip 5, will be able to utilise a variety of new widgets that Samsung has tailored specifically for this screen, such as contacts, a weather widget, daily steps, and control system settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sound.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 manages to be one of the bigger upgrades in the series. For those who favour flip phones, this device should undoubtedly be taken into consideration, given its substantial upgrade.


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