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Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail announced - Fifth Major Expansion

Today, Square Enix announced that Dawntrail is confirmed as the fifth major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. The unveiling took place at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest keynote, where a trailer showcased a summer vacation theme and introduced various new jobs that will be available when the expansion launches in the summer of 2024.

Dawntrail, the upcoming expansion, is packed with a variety of fresh content features. Among these is the addition of new allied tribes, including the Pelupelu race, which was first introduced in Final Fantasy X and X-2. These charming beings are known for their short stature, bird-like masks, and exceptional talents in trade and beverage-making.

In addition to the new allied tribes, the highly anticipated 7.0 patch will introduce some significant changes. One of the most notable updates is a level cap increase, raising the maximum level from 90 to 100. Furthermore, players can expect to gain access to brand-new skills for all jobs, adding more depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

  • A level cap increase from level 90 to 100, including new skills for all jobs

  • Multiple new jobs: leak did not say what these were, but confirmed they would both be DPS roles, one melee and one ranged magical DPS

  • New dungeons

  • New enemies

  • A duty support update

  • New gear and recipes

  • New lifestyle content

  • New variant dungeons

  • New raids

  • PvP update

In addition to the mentioned features, there are even more exciting elements coming with the 7.0 patch, including various system updates. For the first time in the game's history, Final Fantasy XIV will receive a major graphical upgrade. Players were treated to an extensive collection of screenshots showcasing enhancements across environments and characters, and the improvements are quite remarkable.

Furthermore, the system update addresses materials, an aspect that was previously limited in the game. With the new update, the restrictions on the number of objects allowed in an area have been lifted, resulting in more elaborate and detailed surroundings. Players can now expect to see richer and more immersive environments with an increased amount of elements, creating a truly captivating visual experience. Final Fantasy XIV Online can be downloaded for free on a wide range of platforms and systems, which include Microsoft PC, PlayStation, Xbox One and macOS.


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