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Facebook is Reportedly Experimenting on Colourful Profile Backgrounds

Jane Manchun Wong, a hacker known for reverse engineering popular apps, has revealed on Twitter that Facebook is toying with the idea of creating colourful profile backgrounds.

Before you revel in the nostalgia of custom Friendster and Myspace profiles, do note that this is not an officially announced feature, and its current state only adapts the background colour to your cover photo's colour scheme instead of allowing complete user customisation.

Her latest update indicates that they are actively working on the feature, with the latest iteration updated to pick the nearest colour from a preset based on your cover photo, rather than approximating the average colour from your profile picture.

What do you think of this feature? Is it a welcome change that allows users to express their personality like in the olden days? Or is it destined to be a gaudy eyesore that disrupts the uniformity of your Facebook browsing experience?

In any case, it has yet to be seen if this feature will actually make it off the factory line - we're still waiting for the full implementation of Facebook dark mode, after all.


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