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EVGA terminates partnership with NVIDIA and quit the GPU business

EVGA quits the GPU industry, reportedly blaming conflicts with Nvidia

This is more shocking because Nvidia is about to announce its 40-series GPUs, probably at an event next week. In fact, GamersNexus claims that EVGA has already created a number of RTX 4090 prototypes in their reports. The significant business change, which EVGA announced on its forums, has been revealed in a detailed report by GamersNexus, who met directly with EVGA CEO Andrew Han to gather the details of the split.

According to EVGA's announcement, it will formally terminate its relationship with NVIDIA and shut down all GPU business, leaving the market forever. In a recent video that GamersNexus released, their team broke it all down in a private discussion with the CEO Andrew Han. Here is what he said:

"We are not going to be on [Nvidia CEO] Jensen [Huang]'s lap on stage, so I don't want people to speculate what's going on [when we're not there]," Han told GamersNexus. "EVGA has decided not to carry the next gen."

The worst aspect of working with NVIDIA, according to Andrew Han, is that the prices of their flagship products are frequently unknown until the CEO of NVIDIA makes an announcement at a press conference. In the end, the product's pricing is too costly.

However, EVGA will continue to sell its remaining 30-series stock, which it expects to finish by the end of 2022. Reserve stock is kept on hand to handle any RMA requests, and warranties will be fulfilled for as long as they are valid.


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