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Elevate your multitasking experience using the Samsung DeX - Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ undoubtedly delivers many functionalities that enhance your daily productivity. As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy Tab S9+ serves as your ultimate entertainment companion, ready to accompany you on movie streaming nights or dive into gaming adventures. This exceptional tablet provides more than you could ever ask for!

However, we're not going through the games and entertainment part on the Galaxy Tab S9+. Instead, we'll be taking a quick dive into the Samsung DeX, an application that is specifically designed to turn any Samsung device (smartphone or tablet) into a PC.


How to access Samsung DeX on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

Samsung DeX can be easily enabled using the Book Cover Keyboard provided along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series tablet. You'll find a "DeX" button located at the top right corner of the keyboard (beside the Delete function key), similar to the laptop keyboard, hold the "Fn" and press the "DeX" key and the Samsung DeX application will start up.

You may also turn on Samsung DeX mode via the control center

Moreover, you can also enable the settings where it automatically launches the Samsung DeX application once the Book Cover Keyboard is connected or when HDMI is connected. Ultimately, the Samsung DeX application proves to be exceptionally convenient by transforming your tablet into a dedicated workspace for your professional needs.


What's the difference with Samsung DeX Mode enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+?

One of the most notable changes in the Samsung DeX would be the user interface of the tablet. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ will sport a smaller application size and a taskbar at the bottom to simulate the PC Windows experience. As you can see, the applications now will launch in a preferably small-size window mode instead of taking the entire screen to make more space for multiple applications.

The icons appear to be smaller in size in Samsung DeX

Apart from that, you will also retain the ability to access the S Pen Air Command menu in Samsung DeX mode which ensures a comprehensive user experience, even while in PC mode. For instance, you can swiftly access the S Pen Air Command menu and make use of convenient features like create note, screen write, translate, and glance without needing the hassle of switching back to tablet mode.

Not only that but the Samsung DeX makes you work more efficiently thanks to the reminiscent of the Windows UI on the Galaxy Tab S9+. As said, I can now access quick notifications, calendars, the control center, and the search function without it taking away the entire screen to look for information while I’m working on other applications. Hence, if you’re planning to make full use of the Galaxy Tab S9+ huge display in multitasking mode, Samsung Dex is what you need.

From my experience, I felt that having those applications launch in Windows mode makes it easier to organize and allocate more space on the screen than using it in tablet mode. With no mouse cursor whatsoever, it’s hard to resize the application to the desired area you wanted.

To sum it up, the Samsung DeX has undoubtedly changed the experience on the Galaxy Tab S9+ as a substitution, especially if you don't feel like carrying the burdensome laptop on a trip. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ is more than just a tablet; it's as if they've melded the boundaries between tablet and PC to give us a device that's all about both work and play.

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