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EA Play Live is Going Digital This Year, Airs on 12 June

In an extremely unsurprising move *cough* COVID *cough*, this year's EA Play event will be taking place online at 4pm PST on 11 June, which will be 7am on 12 June for us.

EA Play is a yearly event that showcases the company's latest titles. Attendees are usually able to enjoy a hands-on experience with upcoming games, but sadly, that will not be happening this year.

Last year, EA Play skipped the usual press conferences and went for a live stream approach instead, with the dev teams providing live gameplay and insights to satisfy their fans' curiosity. This year's format hasn't been announced yet, but it will certainly be interesting to see which approach EA will take to present their games this year.

For more details as the event approaches, you can check out EA's official website.


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