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Dyson Thinks We Need a RM2,650 Light That Mimics Candlelight

Okay, so maybe Dyson doesn't REALLY think that - I'm just salty that I certainly don't have enough disposable income to spend that much on a glorified lamp.

If only it helps me multitask too

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph is their follow-up to last year's Lightcycle (which was RM200 cheaper) and can light up your room in 4 different ways:

Indirect light: Bounces light off walls with an intelligent optical head that rotates 360°

Task light: A stronger, focused beam for work and other important tasks like ensuring all your pimples are properly covered with makeup

Feature light: Dramatically lights up works of art, like that giant waifu poster you have hanging on your wall - aim the light precisely where you want to (ahem teteks) with its '3-Point Revolve motion' capabilities

Ambient light: Even the STEM lights up - enjoy a warm orange glow that mimics candlelight (cause candles are so expensive right), with an option to reduce blue light for evening relaxation

Trypophobic people stay away - the stem is perforated with 16,740 apertures to let light pass through

'But that can't be all,' you exclaim. 'This tiang lampu costs some people's entire month's salary you know!'

You're right - there's more! The Lightcycle Morph also has a USB-C charger for phones and tablets, plus an infrared sensor that detects motion - it switches on automatically if you're near, and turns off after 5 minutes if no movement is detected, helping you save energy (can afford 2k ringgit light but cannot pay electricity bill).

It's also personalised to your age - I know, stop rolling your eyes. Apparently, 65-year-olds need up to 4 times the amount of light than a 20-year-old needs. I'm guessing this is probably because their eyes are failing but hey, I'm no scientist.

This fancy-pants light also comes with pre-set modes to give you even more bang for your buck: Study, Relax, Precision, Boost, Wake-up, Sleep and Away. If none of them floats your boat, you can also pre-program up to 20 custom light settings to suit your mood.

Is it worth its hefty price tag? Eh, probably not.

But do I still want it? Hell yeah.


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