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Dota 7.23: Top 5 WTF Moments of the Outlanders Patch

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that the Outlanders Patch for Dota 2 went live 2 days ago, bringing with it 2 new heroes as well as a whole slew of new items and changes - so much so that players have fondly (or resentfully) dubbed it 'Dota 3'.

Here are the Top 5 WTF moments in Dota 7.23, ranked in no particular order, courtesy of Reddit and Youtube. Enjoy!

1. Can't Touch This

feat. Furion + Mirror Shield

Credits: u/EvilMangoo

Mirror Shield is a new Tier 5 NC drop which gives you +20 All Stats and most importantly, a 75% chance to block and reflect targeted spells. That's basically a Linken with no cooldown which blocks 3/4 spells.

Ya hate to see it.


2. Mr. Worldwide Skewer

feat. Magnus + Aghs

Credit: u/emsyd

The Aghanim's effect for Magnus has been reworked, reducing Skewer's cooldown to 4 seconds and its cast point by half, on top removing mana cost.

Reddit user emsyd demonstrates how to bring ya girl home to meet your mom in style...pity the last one missed though :')


3. The REAL Undying

feat. Wraith King + Helm of the Undying

Credit: Overpower

2 lives with Aghs? Pfft, basic.

3 lives with Aghs + Aegis? That's for noobs.

Try infinite lives with Helm of the Undying, a new Tier 2 NC drop which provides +6 Armor and lets the hero survive another 5 seconds after being dealt a killing blow.

As the item has no independent cooldown, it procs repeatedly after Wraith King enters into wraith form.

Sadly, this exploit has since been fixed :(


4. Spirit Breaker v2

feat. Sven + Aghanims

Credits: u/2Ez4YcY

Sven's Aghanim's effect has also been reworked, now giving him +500 cast range and causing him to travel along with his Storm Hammer.

Sounds great if you want to quickly close the gap between you and an enemy, but not so great if that enemy is someone like Ember Spirit who conveniently has a remnant sitting at home.

P.S. Gotta love how Sven is just screaming for it to stop in all chat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


5. Rampage Station

feat. Earthshaker + Outpost

Credit: u/ZigMac1

The new patch saw the side shopkeepers fired and their stores turned into outposts, which is basically a capture point, King of the Hill style. Clicking on it begins the channelling process to capture the point, which grants the controlling team true sight, XP bonuses, as well as a new point to teleport to.

But more importantly, clicking to capture the point counts as casting a skill, which in turn procs Earthshaker's Aftershock, leading to LULworthy scenarios like the one above.

People have been losing their heads over this exploit, with multiple threads on Reddit alone calling for it to be patched - and at the time of writing it's just been patched, so sorry, no gimmicky bugs for you to abuse and climb MMR now :')


This is just a taste of what the Outlanders update has to offer - but have no fear, cause with every large-scale update comes a whole bunch of minor patches and bug fixes to iron out the kinks.

Eating dinner while burdening your teammates is now back in fashion

Until then, we hope ya have fun discovering new ways to exploit the new items and mechanics (and not tearing your hair out because your Furion is cliff jungling, cause yes, that's a thing again.)

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