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Dolby Vision Gaming Launches on Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft has officially rolled out Dolby Vision gaming support on Xbox Series X/S. According to the company, the feature will result in "up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are 10 times darker than a standard picture".

"There are more than 100 next-gen HDR titles optimized for Series X|S that will feature Dolby Vision, and in the future, you’ll see more games like Halo Infinite taking full advantage of Dolby Vision," said Katie Slattery, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

The company is also working with Dolby to bring "new visual enhancement capabilities that utilize Dolby Vision technology" for thousands of existing HDR10 and Auto HDR games. Both companies are also working closely with game developers to provide the tools needed to take advantage of Dolby Vision, either through built-in features within the Xbox platform or integrate the technology directly into a game's engine.

There are some games that support Dolby Vision now, including Psychonauts 2, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Borderlands 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, DIRT 5, F1 2021, Gears 5, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Metro Exodus, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

To enjoy the benefits of Dolby Vision on the Xbox Series X/S consoles, you'll need a compatible TV that supports Dolby Vision. Microsoft also recommends enabling the automatic low-latency mode (ALLM) as Dolby Vision is compatible with ALLM, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 120 Hz games.

To enable Dolby Vision, press the Xbox button to open the guide, then press Settings > General > TV & display options > Video Modes > Dolby Vision for Gaming.


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