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Discover Your League of Legends Gaming Style with Spotify's New Quiz

2 months ago, it was revealed that Spotify would become the first global service provider for League of Legends.

Now, Spotify and League of Legends have come up with a new digital experience that allows fans of the game to discover their gaming style as they celebrate the highly anticipated League of Legends' World Championship.

This can be done via a quiz on this microsite, which will then match users up with League of Legends pros according to their playstyle, and curate a bespoke music playlist to suit them.

Personally, I got the 'Do-Gooder', which isn't nearly as exciting as I hoped it to be, but my playlist is packed with oldies but goodies like TLC's 'No Scrubs' and Britney Spears' 'Lucky', so I'm pretty happy.

For more details about the new experience, head to the League of Legends Hub on Spotify.


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