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Dell and NVIDIA Hint at Collaboration on AI PCs for 2025

During the Dell World Conference in Las Vegas, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, and Jenson Huang, President of NVIDIA, teased that Dell and NVIDIA may be collaborating together on making AI PCs and that it may be releasing sometime in 2025.

There has been numerous circulating regarding NVIDIA's partnership with semiconductor company MediaTek to develop CPUs that's able to handle Windows on ARM-based chips. ARM chips are often used in mobile devices, but it may also be used to improve desktop efficiency. Prior to this news, there has been speculations that NVIDIA and MediaTek were working on an NVIDIA-based mobile gaming system. Though this was disproven by NVIDIA who stated that their collaboration was purely on devices for automobile cockpits.

During a joint interview at the Dell World Conference, Dell and Huang suggested a joint effort on AI PCs. After a Bloomberg reporter inquired about NVIDIA's role in AI PCs, Dell responded cryptically by saying, "Come back next year." and with Huang joining in by responding with "Exactly." which highlights their partnership on this project.

NVIDIA are already shown to utilise AI in their processors, and with the potential collaboration with both MediaTek and Dell, many believe that it would lead to the development of AI PCs. While Huang did not confirm that there are plans on integrating CPUs and GPUs onto a single chip for AI PCs, but he did mention that NVIDIA's support for all chip architectures, including x86 and ARM.

This news was released just as Microsoft introduced its new Copilot+ PCs which utilises Microsoft’s Copilot AI. Microsoft further added that their new release is the most intelligent Windows PC ever built as it features ARM-based products and a Neural Processing Unit that outperforms even the Apple's MacBook Air 15" by up to 58% in sustained multithreaded performance. Microsoft stated that the Copilot+ PCs are designed to provide a variety of AI features, including a feature that can recover and remember anything displayed on-screen called Recall.

Although there have been concerns regarding Microsoft's Recall, as many are concerned about the use of continuous on-screen activity recording. Although there is a heated debate about the use of AI in everyday lives, the potential collaboration of NVIDIA and Dell for the AI PCs have yet to be seen, but many are hopeful for what is to come.


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