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Dead Space is Getting a Remake

EA has unveiled the next Dead Space game, and it’ll be a remake instead of a sequel.

The Dead Space remake is being developed by EA Motive, and will be powered by Frostbite. While no gameplay was shown at EA Play Live, the game’s creative director Roman Campos-Oriola told IGN that the remake will have no loading screens. “You can play it from the start screen to the end credits seamlessly,” he said. Senior Producer Phil Ducharme said that the goal was to “create a level of immersion where you never put the controller down”.

Ducharme also said that the team was “learning from mistakes” and that the remake will not have microtransactions, in a reference to Dead Space 3’s monetization system. Additionally, Ducharme revealed that the remake has a community council to be “some sort of sounding board” for changes from the original.

Another sign of the team’s awareness of Dead Space 3’s shortcomings was Ducharme’s mention that getting the right pacing for the remake was important “to avoid going too much in a direction of action.”

The Dead Space remake will be exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC. You can watch the reveal trailer below:


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